Beginner WordPress SEO (Part 1) How To Optimize Your Blog Posts (2)

The great thing about ThemeForest is that there are usually tons of reviews for the decent themes, how to speed up wordpress and the theme developers are active within the reviews to answer any questions or problems. You can see in the screenshot below that there are widget areas above and below the content, in the header, below the main footer. Customised development can be done in WordPress as well as Joomla.

You can the different articles related to Gutenberg guides, WordPress tips, WordPress themes, WordPress blocks, Photoshop resources, WordCamp highlight, and many more. In this section, you can also mark the post as sticky, and you can change the post’s formats, add a category, tags, Featured image, Excerpt, and set up Discussion.

  • Register sidebar
  • Use advanced options to customise the slideshow transition effect parameters
  • Easy ads management
  • A location you can edit, cash, re-evaluate by hand
  • A new page appears then click Activate

In addition, each of their themes comes with an “ePanel”, which basically allows you to change certain elements of the theme at the touch of a button, such as background colors, changing the logo, managing advertisements and what I want displayed on the front page. The nice thing about this is if you want to change your theme, it only costs $29.95 as you only have to purchase the Child theme again. We have contemplated (and are still contemplating!) switching over to a StudioPress theme. Themeforest operates a little differently from the previous 2. They are an online repository for professional Blog theme developers who submit their themes for sale within the ThemeForest market place.

Helpful for any number of things, from short observations to quick links, SidePosts is a great little addition to your plugin repository. Experts at VIP go through each line of code in your repository. That is especially true for an established site from an organic search and SEO perspective. The themes also come SEO optimized from a coding standpoint – using smarter design architecture making it easier for search engines to crawl and index your pages.

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